• Run multiple remote desktop sessions in one tabbed interface
  • Connection manager to maintain and arrange connection details
  • Multi Monitor support for Full Screen Connections
  • Shared connection facility for sharing settings within a team
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • I can create a connection but it when I try to open it nothing happens. What do I do?
      If this is the first time you have used MuRD then the most likely cause of this is that the Remote Desktops ActiveX control is not registered. MuRD tries to locate and register it at startup but this doesn't appear to always be successful. Use the Windows Explorer Search function to search your system drive for mstscax.dll, if you don't find it then download and install Remote Desktop Connection from Microsoft (it comes with XP, 2003 but needs to be installed for 2000, NT, 98 etc). If you do find it, go to a command prompt and change into the directory where it is located (this will usually be c:\windows\system32 or c:\winnt\system32) and type regsvr32 mstscax.dll. Some installations of Remote Desktop will install in the Program FilesRemote Desktop folder, if this is the case then you should use the full path to mstscax.dll (ie regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Remote Deskto\pmstscax.dll") If this still doesn't work then you may need to download the latest version of Remote Desktop from Microsoft's web site. To verify you have the correct version of Remote Desktop and ActiveX controls installed you can check your registry. Use regedit and navigate to: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID you should find these 2 keys: {7CACBD7B-0D99-468F-AC33-22E495C0AFE5} {3523c2fb-4031-44e4-9a3b-f1e94986ee7f}. Some early versions of Remote Desktop may not configure both of these.

    • Sometimes the Remote Desktop Connections won't accept mouse or keyboard input, what do I do?
      Occasionally the connection window seems to lose the ability to accept keyboard or mouse input, the Remote Desktop ActiveX control seems to lose focus. To return focus try changing to a different tab (Connection Manager or another connection) or use Alt-Tab to change to another application and then Alt-Tab back to MuRD. Sometimes MuRD is unable to return focus to the Remote Connection control when MuRD becomes activated and we haven't been able to determine the exact set of circumstances in which that happens, but it doesn't seem to happen too much in the current version.

    • I can't open my license file/where do I put my license file?
      MuRD creates an empty folder called "License" in it's folder structure. For a standard Windows installation this will be C:\Program Files\MuRD 2\License. Simply save your license file from your registration email into this folder. There is no need to try to open it (don't double-click it), MuRD knows what to do with it.

    • My trial expired after one day or my license not working. What should I do?
      When using the trial version of MuRD you must be logged on with administrative privileges to avoid this problem.

      If you have a license then you must run MuRD with administrative privileges or modify the privileges on the C:\Program Files\MuRD2 folder and subfolders - assuming and standard install of windows and MuRD. All users of a PC that need to run MuRD must have MODIFY privileges on the MuRD2 folder and subfolders.

      If you are using Windows Vista then you should locate MuRD.exe, right-click->properties and click "Run as Administrator".

    • My license doesn't work, what should I do?
      The license file may have been corrupted via email or some other process or see "Trial expires after one day or License not working". If you believe that your license may be corrupted please contact us murd@tandksoftware.com and we will resend your license. Please don't try to open or edit your license in any way, MuRD knows what to do with it. If you have to FTP it for some reason, make sure you use BINARY mode for transfer.

    • I have paid for my license at Kagi, but I have not received my license file, what should I do?
      Send us an email murd@tandksoftware.com. We say that that your license will be issued within 72 hours, but typically it will happen in less that 24 hours. If you haven't received your license send us an email. We can easily resend your license. Sometimes the license emails just don't make it your inbox. Sometimes they are routed to your SPAM folder, sometimes they are blocked by your ISP. Most of the time we don't get a "Could not Deliver" message, so we don't know if you have received your license or not. If you feel like your emails are going unanswered, try emailing us from another email address, we are not ignoring you!

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